What’s Special About Our Process?

All animals arriving at the processing plant are transported in fully equipped livestock trailers with ample feed and water.

Livestock holding pens have been professionally designed by Dr. Temple Grandin, the world's foremost authority in the humane handling of animals.

The movement of the animals from the holding pens to the processing plant is through a series of one-way gates along a calming, circuitous path that never retraces steps. This is the most humane method possible and substantially reduces and even eliminates the release of stress hormones to provide a better tasting end product.

The processing plant is a 9,000 square foot state-of-the-art, USDA inspected facility consisting of an 1,800 square foot kill floor, 250 square foot walk-in cooler, 300 square foot chill cooler, 1000 square foot holding cooler, 800 square foot freezer, 1,500 square foot meat cutting and packing room, and an 1,800 square foot retail store.

Once the animals are dressed, they are immediately placed into the cooler from seven to fourteen days or based on the customer's requirements.

The animals are then processed to the customer's specification or prepared specifically for the retail store.

Certified by: Animal Welfare Approved and Baystate Organic Certifiers

Customized labeling